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The Sherpa II rear loader is the flagship of our overland line. With its extra size it is capable of carrying the big loads for extended trips or setting up base camps. Even with its larger size it is still off road capable and has been proven on the White Rim Trail in Utah and the Alpine Loop Road in Colorado. This "do it all" model can be outfitted with various options to create your dream trailer.

With 40.5 cubic feet of dry cargo storage, you can take those extra items to make camp more comfortable. The 20 cubic foot open front cargo area has room for two 60-quart coolers and four 5gallon fuel or water cans. The structural overhead rack has room for a roof top tent with room left over for two bicycles or other gear. Larger three or four person tents will also fit on the rack.  Lots of options are available including larger frame sizes for even more capacity.

The Sherpa II top loader was our first overland design and is still quite popular. Having the same frame size and cargo box sizes as the rear loader, it has the same cavernous capacity for gear. The top loading box allows for easier access of all contents and also makes tighter packing easier. This model is not capable of carrying roof-top-tents but easily handles loads of up to 150lbs via the optional "Yakima" rack system. We have routinely carried 3 bicycles and a kayak on the top of the box. Gas struts on the lid assure access to the box even with loads on top.

For added versatility the main cargo box can be easily removed creating a flat bed utility trailer capable of carrying most ATV's.

Various outfitting packages are available or choose options from our list to create the trailer that fits your unique requirements.




Overall:  5’ 8” wide, 8’ 6” long including tongue.

BED:  3’8” wide, 4’4” long

BED HEIGHT:  24” (with Torsion axle and 31” tires)

CLEARANCE:  18” (with Torsion axle and 31” tires)

OVERALL HEIGHT:  54” (with Torsion axle and 31” tires)

MAIN CARGO BOX:  48”x48”x28”

FENDER BOXES:   38”x10”x10”

TONGUE BOXES:  30”x14”x24”

OPEN CARGO AREA:  26”x48”x28”

Standard FEATures:

  1. -Base Trailer

  2. -Structural Overhead Rack

  3. -Main cargo box

  4. -Matching spare wheel and tire

Intermediate FEATures:

  1. -Fender mount cargo boxes

  2. -Torsion axle

  3. -Plus above features

  1. -Rear mount swing out carrier

  2. -Slide out tongue box

  3. -Multi-axis coupler on receiver tongue

  4. -Scepter 5g water cans

  5. -Scepter 5g fuel cans in lock mounts

  6. -Galaxy 60qt Cooler

  7. -10lb LPG cylinders in lock mounts

  8. -Plus above features

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